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In love with the detail...but with a view of the big picture...


Our idea...


Handmade is a rare commodity these days. His appreciation too. The aim is to produce products with dedication. We take the time for you.



The manufacturing process takes time. We are proud of every piece that leaves our workshop. Bulk goods is not our premise.



We value every cut, every edge and every knot. Longevity is the credo. We will consult with you and actively involve you in the creation process.

Our concept...

Sustainability ist the Topic of our time. Therefore, leather types from chrome tanning and petroleum-based artificial leather are actively avoided. As long as meat is consumed, cattle hides are also produced.
​ We therefore want to use and exploit this resource as responsibly as possible.


Bying local

We source leather, haberdashery and paint from Germany and thus support local businesses.


natural materials

Natural hides and skins are only obtained from breeding farms with proof of origin. If there is no certificate of origin, it will not be bought.


Off to the future

We are currently developing products made from mushroom leather and other plant-based leather substitutes, such as mango skins. Results will be available in the newsfeed and shop shortly. 

Nationales Geotop Partnachklamm

Sailor, engineer, designer

As a trained ship mechanic and graduate ship operations technician, I have spent most of my professional life at sea in the engine room of ships. Months of traveling have surrounded me with metal and noise. This created the need for a balance. So I was looking for nature and tranquility on my vacation. I found both in archery. I have been practicing this wonderful hobby together with my partner for several years.
It wasn't a big step from archery to leatherworking, since most of the equipment is made of leather (gloves, arm guards, quiver, knife sheath) and I was interested in how it was made. When I bought a piece of blank leather for test purposes and used it to make my first arm guard, my enthusiasm for working with leather was fully awakened and has never left me ever since.

Since then I've been training myself through books, the Internet or through experiments in the techniques of embossing, dyeing and sewing the leather. I attach great importance to clean workmanship, functionality and durability. I prefer to use natural colors, but I'm not averse to the rest of the color palette.
In the meantime, I have blossomed into a "leather all-rounder" and have not yet specialized in a specific product. From belts, glasses cases, bags, bracelets to armor parts, arm guards and combat gloves, my projects are widely diversified. This allows me to constantly learn and develop my skills, from which you ultimately benefit.

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