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The arm guard was made from 2mm cowhide and the decorations around the ray skin were artfully worked into the leather by hand. It is dyed with alcohol-based dye, which penetrates deeply into the leather and can no longer be washed out. A thin, waterproof latex layer serves as a protective layer.

The back is glued with black suede. The surface and edges are decorated with black braided leather and ensure an exciting look.

The arm guard can be worn with double riveted hook rivets and elastic band, or leather strap.


The production time is approx. 1 week.

Armguard "Rustic"

Sales Tax Included
    • Water resistant
    • washable color
    • Closure: rubber flat strap/leather strap


    • Wrist 180mm
    • elbow  260mm
    • total length 260mm
    • Dimensions depend on the customer!


    • approx. 0.25 kg per rail

    The production time is approx. 4 days, depending on customer requirements

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