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This bracer was made from 2.5mm vegetable tanned cowhide. Real rattlesnake skin is inserted. To ensure that the tendon does not damage the snake skin, it is protected by a flexible and abrasion-resistant layer of varnish. A detailed border and a beige saddlery night complete the successful overall picture of the bracer.


The leather was colored with alcohol-based dye. This is absorbed deep into the skin layers and cannot be washed out. 


The surface was sealed with a latex layer and is therefore water-repellent.


The back of the bracers is covered with black suede leather, ensuring a non-slip and silky comfortable feel on the skin. 


The bracers are attached to the arm using hooks and a very durable rubber band. Fastening with a leather cord can also be implemented at the customer's request. The hole rivets are ring rolls, so it doesn't scratch the back and the flat band doesn't wear out.


The production time is approx. 2 weeks.

Rattlesnake arm guard

Sales Tax Included
    • Water resistant
    • washable color
    • Closure: rubber flat strap/leather strap


    • Wrist 180mm
    • elbow  260mm
    • total length 260mm
    • Dimensions depend on the customer!


    • approx. 0.25 kg per rail

    The production time is approx. 4 days, depending on customer requirements

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