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The armguard protects the forearm from the bowstring.

The leather is robust enough to withstand string hits and nocking points,

Nevertheless, the forearm guards logically remain a consumable part of the equipment.


The armguard is made of 2mm thick, vegetable-tanned cowhide. The customer's motifs are carefully punched into the leather by hand.


The back of the armguard is covered with black suede leather and thus ensures a non-slip and silky comfortable feeling on the skin. 


At the customer's request, the armguard can be attached to the arm using hooks and a very durable rubber flat band. Fastening with a leather cord can also be implemented at the customer's request. The rivets are ring rolls, so it doesn't scratch the back and the ribbon doesn't wear out. 


It can be made for right and left handers. 


The leather was dyed with an alcohol-based dye. This penetrates deep into the skin layers and cannot be washed out. However, deep scratches in the leather leave light marks, as with any genuine leather. The surface has been sealed with a layer of latex and is therefore water-repellent and, to a certain extent, scratch-resistant.


Symbols/motifs/coats of arms can be punched at the customer's request. Natural hides (caiman, ray, etc.) and skins (antelope, rabbit, etc.) can also be processed.


The production time is usually 2-3 working days.

Armguard Phoenix

PriceFrom €135.00
Sales Tax Included
  • The creations are unique and highly personalized. Returns are therefore excluded. Before sending, you will be informed of the condition and quality of the product via video and pictures.

    • Water resistant
    • washable colour
    • Closure: rubber flat strap/leather strap


    • wrist 170mm
    • Elbow  230mm
    • total length 180mm
    • Dimensions are customer dependent!


    • approx. 0.15 kg

    The production time is approx. 2-3 working days

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